Community Involvement

▪Financial Contributions
      • Apparel, seldom used clothes, shoes
      • Water
      • Hygiene
      • Items to Organizations that refurbish and distribute
              • Car Seats
              • Eye Glasses
▪Assist Hungry and/or Homeless
▪Volunteer Services to Organizations
▪Build House, Housing Communities, Youth Centers
▪Holidays/Event Drives
       • Juneteenth
       • Thanksgiving
       • Christmas
       • Back to School
       • Prom
       • MLK

Social Services & Provisions

• Action of providing or supplying
• Provide services that improve the well being of individuals, families and  communities
• Educational Opportunities
• Potential Targets
       ▪Seniors (House Visits, Housing)
       ▪Pay For Child Care
                • Before & Afterschool
                • Youth Program Registration (Activities)
       ▪Military Families
       ▪Gang Community